Thank you so much for sorting out the restrictions in my neck.  I can’t believe it. I’ve seen three Neuro specialists and not one could solve the problem. After you released the restrictions in my neck last week I feel so much better. Headaches and feeling wobbly has gone. Well done you!

Sonia – Knaresborough.

I have had severe TMJ problems in my jaw joint, face and back for over 10 years. Before I booked an appointment with Kate, I checked that she has done specific training on TMJ problems. Kate was very reassuring and spoke knowledgeably about the TMJ area. I have had 7 appointments in total and my health is much better, I have much less pain in my jaw and face. Kate also taught me some valuable stretching exercises I can do at home in between appointments. I have learnt how to keep my jaw relaxed which is important and has really helped me. Kate is fantastic at what she does and I would recommend her to you.

Sarah – Knaresborough

I think Kate gives the best massage.  Her touch is firm and she really removes the tension off my back and shoulders.  After a session with her, I feel that my neck and shoulder pain eases.  I wish I can have treatments every week.

Hope  – Knaresborough

I went to Kate for clinical massage after a serious accident where my wrist was shattered and required significant surgery.  The initial aim of the treatment was to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome which had been identified as a significant risk.  The short course of treatment I received not only succeeded in this but has also given me a level of movement in the damaged wrist which is far more than I had ever thought possible.

Andrew – Knaresborough


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